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Nova Conservation

Our Ethical Code of Conduct

Nova Conservation’s Ethical Code of Conduct was developed with the safety of our planet and generations of future conservationists in mind. This Code of Conduct outlines the rules and safety guidelines for every opportunity posted on novaconservation.comAll opportunities on our platform must abide by these standards or they will be removed.

1.    The safety of wildlife and the conservation of natural environments 

Nova Conservation is committed to providing ethical eco-adventures and research opportunities that only leave a positive lasting impact on our planet. All opportunities must promote safe and humane practices towards animals, natural environments and local cultures. All partners and candidates must abide by our global best practices guidelines for wildlife interactions to mitigate the risks of any negative impacts on wildlife. 


2. Safety of Participants 

The safety regulations of each opportunity are of the utmost importance to us. All Nova Conservation opportunities must be led by professionally trained guides, researchers, or organizations. Our partners must use the following protocols to ensure that each opportunity promotes safety to all parties. 

–    Direct interaction with animals in their natural habitats unless under the supervision of qualified researchers should be prohibited.

 –    All listings must be safe, ethical opportunities that protect and conserve the natural resources of our planet.

 –    Unless otherwise specified, all 3rd party events posted on Nova Conservation will have a specific agreement for payment, travel and other arrangements. All opportunities must follow all city and local laws. 

–    All opportunities must respect local cultures, belief systems, ideologies and practices. 

–    Nova Conservation is not liable for any cancellation or dispute with any 3rd party opportunity listed on the site. We exercise diligence vetting both our candidates and partners to the best of our abilities. 

–    All opportunities should promote necessary citizen science data to appropriate research facilities to ‘give back’ to conservation. 


3. Ethical Travel 

Every Nova Conservation partner and candidate should be aware of the impact of their decision to participate in travel and the effect it has on the world we live in. We strongly encourage all users to think about the consequences of their actions while traveling and the effect those actions have on our planet — and others. By educating ourselves as a community and following best practices for eco-friendly travel, we are able to provide a standard for future generations of conservationists. 


4. Help local communities 

Nova Conservation understands the importance of giving back to local communities and we strive to educate our users to hopefully do the same. We partner with many local community-based organizations and civil service societies, create and host local community events and opportunities, share citizen science data and donate portions of our proceeds back to local causes. 


5. Leaving a positive lasting impact 

Our dedication to creating a lasting impression on current and future generations of conservationists and educators starts with our commitment to wildlife. Every opportunity must follow within these guidelines to ensure the overall protection of the planet for future conservationists to study and enjoy. Our hope is that the next generation of conservationists can create similar opportunities that leave the world in a better place. 


6. Our opportunities encourage education 

Founded by scientists, Nova Conservation aims to help environmental researchers and organizations by providing vetted volunteers to aid in their research and conservation projects, without adding more stress to their already full schedules. These opportunities consist of biological research efforts, conservation events, job/internships and adventures that encourage hands-on learning experiences and create lasting memories for the participants. All of our partners should provide educational resources and first-hand involvement to help educate their guests, who might be unfamiliar with the field, if possible. 


7. Respect all state, local and international laws 

All Nova Conservation hosted events follow state, local and international laws. We are committed to an ethical standard that outlines the importance of safety and care in regards to the treatment of wildlife. We vet each of our partner’s moral and ethical policies within the best of our abilities. However, we are not liable for the actions of any 3rd party company or any wrongdoing on their behalf. 


8. All opportunities must outline associated fees, expenses, expectations and relevant information

 Every opportunity must clearly state the associated costs, travel info, skill requirements and deadlines for submitting an inquiry. Nova Conservation is only responsible for accepting monetary compensation for self-hosted events. We are not responsible for the coordination of payments between any 3rd party users on our site. If you are experiencing an issue with one of our partners please contact as and we will do our best to help find a solution. 


9. We promote a global network for conservationists, hobbyists, ethical eco-tourism operators and researchers 

Nova Conservation offers a wide variety of resources such as blogs and our forum to help promote the community engagement of researchers, hobbyists, ethical eco-tourism operators and conservationists. Nova Conservation offers hands-on experiences regardless of skill level to give our users new ways to give back to the planet. 


10. Help users grow and learn from peers and our partners 

We understand the importance of listening to feedback from our audience and learning from their experiences. The success of Nova Conservation depends on creating a community that listens. And we listen too. We do our best to ensure every listing, forum thread and blog post on our platform follows our Code of Conduct to promote a positive lasting impact on our planet. If you are aware of a listing or post that does not follow this code of conduct please contact us immediately at


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