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Nova Conservation coordinates researchers doing interesting work in the field and connects them with people who want a unique and educational travel experience. Our site offers unique trips and volunteer opportunities involving conservation, ethical travel and environmental eco-tourism, while helping researchers further their discoveries.

I’m Laura Marsh. My passion in life is conservation, wildlife biology, outdoors and nature. My educational and professional backgrounds are in ecology — with a focus on ornithology. I truly believe my calling in life is to help others experience wildlife so they are more motivated and educated to protect it.

I love traveling, especially to visit special ecosystems and charismatic wildlife and have always felt a desire to connect with other biologists to experience their research up close. This idea is why I founded Nova Conservation.

Nova Conservation was founded to connect people, especially non-biologists, who want more than an ordinary vacation. We provide vacation experiences and local volunteer opportunities offering participation in exciting ongoing research. These experiences enable people to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the natural world we live in.

I believe there are many other people besides myself who are willing to give time and money to embark on an adventure helping conservation research. Our generation especially seeks exciting, charitable experiences — “traveling with a purpose”—what better way to give back to the planet than having a meaningful and educated connection with nature.

As we are just getting started on our journey, we would love any collaborations and partnerships. We currently are offering free experience and volunteer event postings.

To learn more, please schedule a one-on-one informative meeting with a member of our team:

We look forward to seeing you on our next adventure!

Our Values

 What We Believe

Nova Conservation was founded to improve the lives of all website users — students, educators, hobbyists, institutions and researchers. By promoting policies that are all inclusive, diverse and equitable, we are able to provide a unique conservation community.

Our diverse and all-inclusive community helps us accomplish our mission and stay true to our core values. We do our absolute best to ensure all opportunities posted to our site follow these inclusive, ethical guidelines.



Any submissions that may be deemed as discriminatory against any individual
on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, and/or veteran status will not be approved.

Our Team

Laura Marsh

Founder / CEO


Laura Marsh – Founder


Laura Marsh is a field ornithologist and conservation biologist and is the founder of Nova Conservation. She holds a Master’s in Environmental Science completed her thesis on bird responses to human disturbance. She has worked as a biologist at various institutions, including the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and the Tennessee River Gorge Trust. Laura also volunteers at Chattanooga Audubon Society and other ornithological societies when she’s not chasing birds in the field or her two young boys around the house.


Kelsey Bernard – Social Media Guru

Kelsey Bernard is the social media guru for Nova Conservation. She graduated from Washington State University in 2017 with a degree in Zoology. Kelsey has since worked on various wildlife projects throughout the country. She has a special interest in carnivore conservation and uses social media and blog writing to connect people to learn about these fascinating animals. Currently, Kelsey works as a wildlife technician with SUNY-ESF studying social organization, predator-prey relationships and overall reintroduction success of wolves in Isle Royale National Park. Kelsey’s excited to be a part of an organization that allows people a unique opportunity to experience the environment.

Kelsey Bernard

Social Media Guru

Emily Baxley

Blog Director


Emily Baxley – Blog Director

Emily Baxley has educating herself in lifestyle conservation for the past 10 years. She is committed to the long, steady journey of forming her and her family’s lifestyle to not just serve themselves but to serve the planet. Emily’s most passionate about zero waste living, organic gardening and plant-based eating. Most importantly, she works to educate the next generation about environmental conservation — especially her kids Story (3) and Buddy (1). Her children inspire her to continually learn and grow in conservation awareness. Emily currently lives in Minneapolis, MN with her family and dog, Chloe. 


Carly Miller – Content Writer



Carly Miller is the blog and content writer for us here at Nova Conservation. She’s a New York native currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel. Carly is a wildlife and nature enthusiast who strives to make an impact on the world through her writing. You can find her diving in the Red Sea, teaching SUP Pilates, or napping with her dog when she isn’t fighting the good fight for environmental conservation.

Carly Miller

Content Writer

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